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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 25, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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gun shots ring out across baltimore... seven peopll wereeshot lass nighh in hree seperate incidents..tree died... one at each scene..egan illiland is here with more on the inveetiiation and if police good orniig patrice,thh rning.- violencc started just after six o'clock last niggt.when a gunman opened fire right here on west fayette treet. take a look... this is just a couple blocks away from west baltimore street in southwest baltimore.3 people were shot person died... 2 others were injured. then just a half an hour later...another man was shot in this alley along york road... just south of the cold spring lane intersection in nortt baltimore. baltimore.this picturr was taken by one of our vvewers. you can see peeple n their cars staring down the alley at the victim. 3&to wrap up the night... polic were calleddto another triple
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luzerne in east mmn dieddhere.witnesses say they heard multiple gunshots their homes they found one person ying in thhir street. "it's all these oung people haven't even seen life it'ss taken from thee, they don't know what thhy're doing when they taae a life." lifee"neighborr we talked to at the sceneeare mad.they tell us it's just another example of why rec rograms hould not be cut in the city. at this hour... there's been no word of any arrests.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning nnww. a father ann his tww teenaged sons are killed in an accident on farm in kent county. county.the three bodies wwre recovered from a largg manure pit on a farm in kennedyville, where thhy worked.the victims have been identified as glen nolt, and two oo his sons, kellin, and cleason.... all from peach bottom,'s not cleaa
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how they ended up submerged ii the manure pit. a tto-aaarm fire breaks out at a beauty salon in north altimo. baltimore.crews were called about 2 o'clock thursday to doubbe exposure salon on grrenmount avenue neaa east 25th street.heavy smoke wass coming from the seconddfloor, &pbut everyone inside was able fire remains uuder ause of the - investigation. 3 a ffllow-up to a story you aa "first on fox." fox."we told you earlier this week thht baltimore's hilton conveetion hotel lost more laat year.the past four years - the baatimore hotell nearly four million from a reserve fund to paa interest but the head of the - baltimore development corporation says it's only a paper llss. (bbodie) "the hilton baltiiore put us n the ggme
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competitively and has opened doors to marketing baatimore for groupp that were not open b" before." last year the hilton 66-percent. they've had 2 years of special rescue dogs are ready for adoption. adoption.police found these pit bulls inside the basement of a baltimore county home. they had scars... from being usee as ábaitá dogs for dog-fiihtinn..ut thanks o some volunteers... who spent countless hours re-training them to learn tricks and good manners... the humann society says they're eech ready to "she's just such a sweet girl. verr well behavvd, well-adjusted. they have wonderfuu temperaments."> temperaments."> the sheltee is offering free ongoing traininn and eterinary care... to anyyne who's interested in adopting. underway... to crack downnon drivers who aren't buckling up after dark. dark. state police say that innmore than half the fatal accidents that occur at night... the
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victim is not wearing a eat belt.and lass nightt.. baltimore city, baltimore county and maryland state pooice took part in a ticket" prooram. " i think whenever some one gees a citiatiin it grabs there might save your life or someone elses. elses.police weee out sllwinn traffic... to check to make suue people were buckled up. severallyears aao... state pollcc actually tried using night vision goggles to do it... but that plan was quuckly scrapped. &p you need a biggvoice o porning in our "star spangled sing off" at m&t bank stadium. joel d. smith is there with the contessantt, who are battlingglive for a chance to sing the national anthem in the stadium, at next week's monster jam show. good morning joel d. 3 3
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for ffns who attended bowie... thee can tell yyo itt was more than just was also the surprise of a lifetime... for one maryland fa. family. (10:57) how ya doing jeff(11:00) how ya doing nick(11:01) nice to meett s .....hhgs 12-year-old marcus
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pmith junior was áexpectingá to exchange line-up cards with &pthe umpires.but his dad... wh disguised himself as an umpire... showed up instead. marcus smith senior served as an electrician in afghanistan....supporring u-s troops for 4 months.this is the longest he has been away from his ffmily. &p(2:22) its going tt be hard t imagine the look on their face when i take that mask off andd home..(13:54) im preety amazed & to see my dad i've been ddeaming about this day for now..... smiih will bb here for 2 more weeks... before returning to afghanistan ffr another 4 motnhs. it's friday and that means it's your turn to sound oof on our facebook page bout anything you aat. want.let ussknow whaa's on your mind-- and your rrsponse could air in our "facebook feedback" segment. segment.just go to facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore to become a fan and join the conversation. will storms put a damper on your memorial day plans?
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plans?meteorologgit steve &pfertig has our full forecast... next in your pkywatch weather forecast. forecast. ((break 1)) dad look, you can get eggs,
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glad you made it. start by choosing from over 30,000 used cars and trucks. carmax. start here. ((bump in)) if you're gearing up to hit the bay this holiday weekend... you might notice different. thhusands of dead fish are washing worst fish kills in more than 20-years. they started turning up in glen burnie on monday... along marley nd furnaae creeks. aad on thursday... they beggn washing inno the inner arbor. scientists say the water is growing number of algae blooms... and a growing mount of runoff. (20:23:39)"had some major runoof events that really bad for theebay because - they brouuht a lot of so what we're seeing now is really thre consequence of that" thaa."
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algae looms are nothingg unusual... but experts bbeieve they're turnnng up earlier this season because of mild temperatures. ((2-shot toss to weather))
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like the black forest ham, egg white & cheese on mornin' melt flatbread. subway. build your better breakfast. an investigationnexposes a show horses are brian todd eports in our cover story, this morning... the the humane society has released undercover videe to prove its laims oo cruelty. cruelty. it's called the 'big lick'-- an exaggerated gait that's prized at wwlking-horse competitions...sometimes, this ps how trainers get their horses to do that high-step-- it's called 'soring'... the oil-of-mustard, and even ddesel fuel,,to the ankle areas just above theii hooves. it's illegal.this is undercovee video shottlast year, by investigaaors from allegedly showing trainers at a tabll in colliersville, tennessee applying those irritants to show horses...
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wraaping their ankles withh tape and celllphane to 'cook' theechemicals into heir skin... putting heavy chains on the horses' feet.the animals are clearly in discomfort..the reeult: a big- lift of the feet.but that's not all..brian: "what are they doing here?dane: "this is an example of a practice called stewarringg it's teaching the horse tt stanndstill when they dd a ock inspection of the horse's feet. and if they won't stand still, if they flinch in response to the pain, then they get hit in thh head. and it teaahes them not trainer in this video, jackie &pmcconnell, and three others were named in a 52-count federrl inddctment this year. his lawyer tells us mcconnell will soon plead uilty to one the federal horre protection e act.dave turner owns a outside washington.he says he used to trainnwalkiig-horses, but stopppd years ago- because of the practice of 'soring'. brian: what does the soring do to these horses, long-term? turner: it puts them in agony for their entire show career.
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they keep thee for weeks before a show, sore- so that when they get o te show performance they ant.turrer says soring can leavee permanent scars.i tooo grady pasture...he's a disciplined, these tennessee walking-horses have a naturally high-stepping gait anyway, so davee is soring, thht technique, is it pven neccssary in some of these coopetiiions?turner: absolutely not. they've got aa crowd-pleasing.but it's these exaggerated gaits, he says, that win big prizes at ooficial at one of those events, the tennessee walking-horse national celebration, says the abuse in this video is 'inexcusable'.brian: and this is still a money-making enterprise?turner: on a small scale for a ccuple oo thousand people. i think we can shut turner says the people who e - still use soring techniques are increasingly becomingg
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ppriahs in theehorse coomunity. pepsi-co has said thattit's pulling out as a sponsor of the tennessee walking horse nntional celebration this summer- it's &pone of the biggest competitions around.when asked &pif that decision was related tt thhs video just out by the humane society, a pepsi-co spokesman wouldn't say.brian todd, fort washington, briannroberts back on the field for the first time... time... in a year.the most difficull part of his injury... later in sports. &p((break 3)) later in sports. &p((break 3)) oh, your cash back which cash back booth looks better to you, chase freedom or the largest cashback card? oh, i'll try the largest. oh, that is too bad. apparently you don't know chase freedom guarantees you 1% cash back. 4 times more than the largest cash back card, which only gives you a quarter percent until you spend $3,000 every year. but have fun. bob and weave once you're in there. don't get short changed. get your cash back.
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coming up in our 6 o'clock hourr.. a warring when it comes to those laundry detergent "pods" the dangers it poses to your kids...and what parenns aree urged to do .. to keep their kids safe. safe. we love gardening...
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